Business Matching

Business matching is a customized service that connects your business or your business ideas worth individuals and companies that share the same business interests.

Women's Business Alliance as a matching service provider, act as the intermediary with the ultimate goal of trying to broker a business deal.

Easy Connection

Please send the correct information about you and your business, what opportunities you offer and what your business needs. How can the Alliance and a group of international partners help you? You can send your request in English, Russian, Spanish or your native language.

We do not accept requests like "we need sales", "sell us". Talk to us about it based on paid advertising.
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Describe the condition of a successful business matching, partnership, or cooperation for the Alliance. We usually use a commission of 10% of a successful transaction, project, or partnership
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Within the framework provided for by the Law EC Regulation 2016/679 "On the protection of individuals in the processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data" (GDPR), with the signing of this document, the new member of the Alliance gives his consent to the processing of personal data. They will be included in a file named "Women's Business Alliance".

Your data will be used in the tasks of the administrative management of the Alliance, as well as to send information about the events held by the Alliance. We inform you that you can exercise access rights, corrections, cancellations by email, specifying your first and last name at the following address