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About the Alliance

Welcome to the Worldwide Business Alliance (WBA) Association
Empowering Female Entrepreneurs
The WBA Association is steadfast in its commitment to fostering integration and equal opportunities with a focus on supporting disadvantaged groups, particularly women. Our vision is to empower female entrepreneurs and create a thriving global community.


- Promoting Professional Excellence: We protect the interests and promote the businesses of female entrepreneurs, advocating for their success in the global market.

- Cultivating Growth: We dedicate ourselves to nurturing commercial, economic, cultural, scientific, financial, fiscal, and legal relationships among our members, fostering an innovative environment.

- Encouraging Collaboration: Our network entrepreneurs and professionals is a hub for dynamic cooperation and mutual support.
Our Activities
  • Educational and Development Opportunities
    We offer a diverse range of educational programs, including courses, trainings internships, seminars, and conferences to equip our members with essential skills
  • Building a Strong Network
    Our events, such as exhibitions, retreats, and cultural exchanges, provide unique networking opportunities, enhancing professional connections
  • Comprehensive Support
    We offer legal consultations and assist members in establishing relationships with state authorities and international partners
  • Youth Engagement and Entrepreneurship
    Recognizing the future's potential, we focus on youth sectors between the ages of 18 and 35, covering areas like business education, tourism, real estate, and investment
  • Celebrating Achievements
    Our Global Competition of Women Entrepreneurs is a testament to the extraordinary achievements of our members
Join the WBA Association, where you'll find a path to recognition, growth, and an empowering community. Together, we'll build a brighter future for female entrepreneurs.